Paul Stanborough

Writer, Producer

Ive worked in Abbey Road, Westlake Audio, Rak, Angel, Sleeper Sounds and many more. The most important thing to me when building 301 was daylight! Its important to me to have a relaxed environment with enough tools to inspire and create. A mixture of vintage and new instruments, pre amps and mics. 

Studio 301 is available to hire with or without me in it!


Adams A7

Api 3124

Empirical Labs Distressor

Universal audio Apollo

Fender Nocaster

Fender Jaguar 

Fender Jaguar bass

Fender 1950 Champ

Vox AC30 1960

Juno 60

Prophet 6






Neumann KM184s

Maschine 2

Helas Piano

Tama Drums